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I was a kid from rural to urban areas, study, live and work. After five years of Hanoi University of Technology. Step outside employment. I also like others, difficulty and challenges in the process of working and living. Challenges from not having the skills and knowledge needed for employment.

I've been through a lot of work for over 5 years. Each work together with its difficulties given me valuable lessons in life.

This life is probably one too, must endure the difficulties there. It comes from what is lacking in us.

People are living in the social environment, as alive as to know that, to succeed, to adapt to the new society is important. Man must roll to adapt to social life around him.

This blog was created by accident when I find that sharing knowledge is an inevitable trend, it gives me the opportunity to be closer together, get to know each other more and more important to study the YES more usable.

My young brother i Ngo Bach Duong. He live and study at Kyoto. He is a engineer about the Electric Mechanic. He also public his knowledge about the major him learn. I hope we are will be bring more value to you.
Thank follow us.

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