Top 10 countries where are considering the best places for you to settle

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Settling in a new country is the dream of many people around the world. However, each country will have the separate rules for immigrating and settling. This article, we will list 10 best countries that you can consider to settle.

1.     Canada
Well-known as one of the most immigration friendly nations in the world. This country is rich in natural and oil resources. Besides, there are some best universities in the world located in Canada. Moreover, this country has low crime and violence rate and a high standard of living. These are the best choice for settling.

2.     Germany

Located in Europe, Germany is one of the most popular destinations for settling because it has the best Universities in the world and boasts of one of the lowest of unemployment level among all the EU member states. These factors attract a lot of people come here to settle.

3.     Australia
Australia is a beautiful country of Kangaroos and Koalas, attracting a lot of people around the world to immigrate and settle due to the easy regulations for permanent residency. Moreover, this country has high standard of education and living. It is one of the best choice for settling.

4.     Singapore

Famous as one of the most developed countries in Asia, Singapore is a best country to live with liberal immigration and citizenship rules. This country is quite small and has an almost zero rate unemployment and the economy is quite strong.

5.     New Zealand

This nation is one of the most beautiful place on the Earth and has a great immigration rules. This is a small island nation with a diverse culture. Moreover, this nation has low crime rate and good universities to study. The standard of living and education is quite high.

6.   The United Arab Emirates (UAE)
This is an oil - rich country in Asia that has a dynamic economy. This nation boasts a lot of good universities and has low corruption rate. Especially, this is a free tax nation where citizens don’t have to pay any personal tax. It is a desirable nation for a lot of people around the world to immigrate and settle.

7.     Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful country in America with rich culture. This country has strong economy owning the good employment rate. Especially, this country has high standard of education with the literacy rate is 90%. Nowadays, there are several famous universities and educational institutions. It welcomes wealthy immigrants with a guaranteed monthly pension and two dependents to settle here easily.

8.     United States of America (USA)
USA is famous as a multi-cultural nation attracting people from all parts in the world. This society is immigrant-friendly. Besides, this country has a very strong economy with the best universities and business schools in the world. If you can take the green card, you will have more chance to settle here.

9.     Norway

Norway is a peaceful nation where people have happy and safe lives. This country offers the free education in public universities. Especially, this country is very clean with no pollution. The weather is very pleasant so people really like to come here for settling.

10. Argentina

This is a large country but not highly populated and it is very easy to immigrate and settle down. Besides, this nation offers good opportunities for work and education. Especially, the cost of living is quite low in Argentina. This place can be one of the best options for settling.
These are the list of top 10 countries where are considering the best places for immigrating and settling for people around the world.
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