Laptop battery cell brand - The Best brand of battery cell for Laptop

Description: Laptop battery cell brand - The Best brand of battery cell for Laptop

I'm looking for a new battery for a Dell inspiron 1525 and have found a lot of non-Dell options but have only heard of 1 of them as a brand. Would anyone here have any experience of the following brands?

 The Best brand of battery cell for Laptop

Energy Plus
Superb Choice

Laptop battery cell brand 

Cell 18650 lithium ion battery

Cell 18650 lithium ion battery is a very popular cell line in the market, used to power the device. To help you better understand this type of battery, we provide you with the following information:

Lithium Ion 18650 battery or 18650 Lion. Why is this battery called? This stands for lithium ion and the size of the cell battery (meaning that the lithium cell has a circular diameter of 18mm and a length of 650mm).

Average voltage: 3.7v
Full charge voltage: 4.2v.
Power: universal from 2000mah to 3400mah
Battery discharge: Lithium ion battery 18650 discharge current often 2C or 3C. The current through the battery is equal to the power multiplied by the discharge current.
For example: 18650 18650 cell battery with capacity of 2,600mah discharge line. The maximum discharge current through the battery = 2,600mah x 3 = 7.800ma (approx. 8A). Cell battery discharge line upto 8A max. If you discharge excessively, it may cause a shortening in battery life and may even cause a fire.

The 350w motor is 350w, the current through the motor is 350: 24 = 14.5A. When using the 18650 Lion battery cell for electric bikes. The battery cell is discharging the maximum current through the battery. The main cause of the battery failure or fire.

Practical applications: for small power equipment lights, laptops, backup chargers, electronic cigarette ....

Cell Prismatic Lithium ion battery (Flip)

Cells are manufactured using new cell battery technology. It is widely used in electric bicycle, high power equipment.

Specifications cell lithium battery Flip:

The name: Flip stands for Prismatic Fifty Lithium Ion (50 lithium foils are stacked). Prismatic cells utilize space optimization using the layered approach. Welded aluminum welded shell. The cell battery has a capacity of 10 - 50 Ah
Average Voltage: 3.6v
Full charge voltage: 4.2v. Drain cut voltage: 2.5v
Power: Universal type from 10.000mah to 50.000mah
Battery discharge: average 5C. The corresponding discharge current through the battery is 50A to 250A.
Practical applications: electric bicycles, Gofl, electric motorcycles, model aircraft, electric tools, ....

Cell battery li-po

Cell Polymer lithium battery (Lipo)
This is a modern cell phone battery, many applications on the device today. It satisfies a wide range of demands for light weight, compact size, capacity, and discharge current.

Lipo cell battery specifications:

Name: Lipo is a bag-type battery, with a polymer cover.
Removing metal casing reduces weight. Packaged battery packs are used in consumer applications, military, automotive. None No standard pocket cells exist; each manufacturer own design. There is no standard lipo cell battery. Which design of the manufacturer and under the practical application of cell battery.
When used on electric bikes you should choose the Lipo cell line that has the capacity and discharge line suitable for electric scooters. Usually the cell line is 10Ah and the discharge current is 5C (50A).


Lithium Phosphate Battery (LiFePO 4)
In 1996, the University of Texas (and other contributors) discovered phosphate as a cathode material for rechargeable lithium batteries. Li-phosphate provides good electrical performance, good thermal stability, safe to use.

Specifications: This is the battery cell line differs from the other batteries.

Nominal voltage: 3.2V.
Full charge voltage can be up to 3.65V, when the weak voltage can drop to 2.5V
Li-phosphate batteries are more battery and discharge current than other lithium-ion batteries if kept at high voltage for extended periods of time. Because of the high capacity and discharge current, this type of battery is commonly used today as a source for electric cars, robot batteries.
Li-phosphate battery

Some other batteries
In addition to the Lithium batteries we offer you Nickel Battery. This is a smaller volt (V) battery than Lithium. Nickel batteries come in a variety of forms, including Nickel-Metal-Hydride (NiMH), which is commonly used today.

NiMH has become one of the most rechargeable batteries available for the user. Battery manufacturers, such as Panasonic, Energizer, Duracell and Rayovac, have recognized the need for a durable and low cost rechargeable battery and provide NiMH in AA, AAA and other sizes. Battery manufacturers want to attract buyers from disposable alkalis so that the batteries can be recharged.


Average voltage: 1.2V
Capacity: 2700mAh
Application: Used for small capacity portable battery drills ...

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