Organization and Human Resources Specialist expericence

Description: Organization and Human Resources Specialist expericence for a candidate in your Company in Viet Nam

Organization and Human Resources Specialist expericence for a candidate in your Company in Viet Nam

Organization and Human Resources Specialist

+ Collect information of internal activities, organization, department structure of the company
+ Collect figures (both quantitative and qualitative) about individual abilities of Sales team
+ Participate in forming structure, standard title system and activities list of the Company and preparing plans to improve staff's quality
+ Participate in forming operation model of the Company, restructuring activities of the Company
+ Participate in forming framework of ability, processes, Company's regulations, JD and KPI of different positions…
+ Set up and monitor plans, arrange projects' operation, contact with training units both inside and outside the Company
+ Prepare operation reports for related projects
+ Set up plans and conduct the recruitment - integration training, manage employees' files
+ Draft the Labor Contracts, Employee Decisions, Official documents and Announcements
+ Take care of the compulsory social insurance, welfare regulations and compensation of the Company
+ Report to the Board of Management about the management report, projects' status and employees' status.

1. Admin and Receptionist tasks:

Manage office supplies (stationeries, parking card, taxi cards, letter head, envelope, water,…)
Collect, check bills of all expenses at the end of month and make requisition payment.
Handle labor reports of staffs(Leave of absence letter, work permit,...) and visa.
Operate switchboard.
Hold and support meetings, workshops, interviews of the Company;
Perform other clerical receptionist's duties.
Prepare legal documents for tender; Check and seal the bids;
Manage, check the documentation following the ISO 9001:2015.
Support Managers and other staffs for their business trips including air ticket booking, accommodation and car arrangement. Take action timely for any changes accordingly in their business schedule.
Maintain the condition of office facilities and arrange for necessary repairs.
Report weekly and other tasks required by Manager.

2. Human Resources tasks:

Coordinate with HR Manager and Managers of Functional Departments for grasp of the demand of labor and recruitment plan;
Edit recruitment advertisements to different channels;
Find and screen resumes;
Contact candidates to get more information, initially screen and respond to questions of the candidate;
Assist in conducting and coordinating recruitment activities: receive CVs, inform interview schedule to candidate via phone call/email, arrange interview schedule,…
Prepare necessary things for newcomers such as entry card, motorbike registration, stationery…and make sure these new staffs transition as smoothly as possibly into their jobs.
Spread HR network; Support recruitment; Contact job websites and outsources.
Monitoring the implementation of labor regulations and other regulations of the company;
Drafting labor contracts and monitor the re-signing of labor contracts of employees in the company;
HR records management, update employee information.
In charge of collecting attendance sheets and duties roster and conduct staffs' payroll.
Handling social insurance procedures.
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