Facebook stop allow share post on closed group and secret group Facebook

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Facebook stop allow share post on closed group and secret group Facebook. If you  have a group, and some members are saying to you  that they can NOT share posts from the group, even you told them it's from facebook. you are the owner and  you also can't share posts in my own Group, so could someone please clarify why does that happen? it will be appreciated!


Posts from the Group? A Closed or Secret group does have privacy and they can't share successfully. Only Public Groups can be shared from (even a non members can share).

No, the Privacy of the Group controls the posts visibility. Even if they choose the share option on a photo, it can't be seen by a non group member. Same as they can't share a post from their profile that isn't public to the Group.

People join Closed groups for a reason (privacy). If the Group was Public, all their friends would see all their posts.

You can only change the privacy of a Group to LESS private (in this example, to Public) if it has less than 250 members.
In Viet Nam, 2 month ago, i see it still share on Closed group:
I dont know why.

But with other person:
YES to the above question!!!!! I have set up a closed group for a school. Someone has successfully shared a post to his timeline for all his friends to see. What is the point of having a Closed Group? FB PLEASE SORT THIS OUT. IT IS QUITE A SERIOUS MATTER ESPECIALLY FOR SCHOOLS AND DATA PROTECTION.
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