Review used laptop HP EliteBook 8570w Notebook| good for GTA5 -Dota2- Lol

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Review used laptop HP EliteBook 8570w Notebook| good for GTA5 -Dota2- Lol : Core i7 3720QM 8GB 500GB K1000m K2000m Full HD.

Video HP EliteBook 8570w used


1.     WLAN antennas (3)                                                           14. Numeric keypad
2.     WWAN antennas (2)                                                          15. HP Fingerprint Sensor
3.     Dual-microphone array                                                      16. Right Touchpad button
4.     Webcam light (with webcam)                                               17. Center Touchpad button
5.     Optional 720p HD webcam                                                 18. Left Touchpad button
6.     Volume down function key                                                  19. Touchpad with scroll zone
7.     Volume up function key                                                      20. Touchpad on/off button with LED
8.     HP Power Assistant function key                                          21. Left Pointstick button
9.     Optional backlit keyboard function key                                  22. Center Pointstick button
10.   Wirelesson/off button with LED indicator                                23. Right Pointstick button
11.   Volume mute button with LED indicator                                  24. Pointstick
12.   Web browser launch button with LED indicator                         25. Power button with LED indicator

13.   Calculator button with LED indicator

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