Production Manager – Furniture _ HCMC _ $1500

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[RECRUITMENT]: Production Manager – Furniture _ HCMC _ $1500
- Working with the Operations Director & Production Team to plan, organize and control production of furniture and to ensure that goods are produced efficiently, on time, within budget and to standard.
- Overseeing the manufacture and construction of pieces and reporting to Operations Director.
Interpreting sketches and produce conceptual drawings and models, taking through to prototyping and fabrication.

- Create/control project cost budget.
- Project Manager - liaison and weekly reports.
- To liaise with design teams, suppliers and manufacturers to ensure the highest of quality is upheld.
- Liaising and negotiating directly with fabricators and external suppliers to fully embrace the designs vision, whilst keeping to budget and deadlines.
- Quality control – to be responsible for the condition check and quality control of all pieces received in and departing the various gallery sites....
- Knowledge and experience in furniture production and manufacturing processes and techniques.
- Thorough understanding of industrial wood materials and finish.
- Knowledge of quality systems and standards, health and safety standards and compliance tools and machines
- Computer skills.
- Able to communicate in English.
- Able to communicate Mandarin essential is a plus.
If it suits to you & your friend in career path, please apply online your Resume (CV) to or call to Ms. Nhớ at 0918 371 008/Add Skype:
nho.hrstrategy. Thanks a lot.
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