Microsoft wanning when setup Kaspersky antivirus on windows

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More than just that; when you install 3th party antivirus program after temporary disabled windows defender, defender reactivate itself and disable the newly installed security suite. The only way to get rid of Windows Defender is to permanently turn it off in gpedit before attemting to install any other antivirus.
Microsoft wanning when setup Kaspersky antivirus on windows

Russian antivirus vendor KasperskyLab is so upset with US software giant Microsoft that the security firm has filed more antitrust complaints against the company.

The antivirus firm initially filed a lawsuit late last year against Microsoft with Russian Federal Anti-monopoly Service (FAS) over alleged abuse of Microsoft's dominant position in the desktop market to push its own antivirus software with Windows 10 and unfair competition in the market.

Microsoft ships Windows 10 with its own security software Windows Defender, w

 Microsoft is also hit by millions of viruses because it has always been a third-party software container!
So it's normal for Microsoft to encourage the use of its own software! Even Linux does the same thing in a way.
In my view, Microsoft would have all the right to force users to use only apps from the store. It does not do this just because it would lose all users in 24 hours

This should be easy open and shut case. There are already findings of fact that support that Microsoft is a monopoly from previous cases, we also got a precedent for this same action in web browsers being found as violating the law, so the only question is if Microsoft does indeed disable the anti-virus, which it does. This should go directly to damages in my opinion.
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