Fixed: Bios has been reset Please decide how to continue 2017

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My computer is also half year, then today the machine is
"Bios has been reset Please decide how to continue
1 Load optimized defaults then boot
2 Load optimized defaults then reboot
3 Enter bios "
I choose the first machine then restart and then a slice of error will not boot then below:
1 startup repair
2 start window normally

I choose the second, it switches to the starting window about 2 seconds later, then reboot and again on the error does not start up, but choose the first one, it runs unfinished.

Every time I unplug the power cord and plug it back in, it says "Bios has been reset" then the next one is up and still does not boot.

Main B75m - D3H
Intel Chip G2020
VGA His HD 7750
Window 7 Ultimate 64bit

Looking forward to your help


Install battery is OK, the previous time you restart your computer and startup is turned off suddenly, so win error, now win OK is computer repair shop, please people pin is already. Just ask me if you have a battery bios k for me to ask for a lump)
P / S Exit without save is exit without saving you
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