Fixed: causes Mouse Delays (reason keyboard lag)

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Fixed:  causes Mouse Delays (reason keyboard lag) . this article i am going to fix the mouse which is lagging.
Fixed:  causes Mouse Delays (reason keyboard lag)
This is the reason Mouse Delays.:
1- Battery not supply enough voltage for your computer ( when you nearly out of battery or your batter is bad)
--> To fixed it: Charging or only used your laptop
2- Your computer is lagging - they may have :
- Over temperature of CPU
--> to fixed it:  you need clean your computer for more and more
- Motherboard error
--> this error often occur very low, but if you try another mouse, it still as at, you need consider this error.
3- Your mouse error.
You need choose famous brand of Fulhen, Logistec , Newman ... for ensure a stable mouse. The % of error very low.

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