So like living in Vietnam...

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I woud like share only love for everyone, but i can not, because i am a monster... I need rider of the storm... I need tamed this monster and work work work, because if i work i work for Noble causes... find the way for organise an exhibition with another photographer... and earn money for share orphenage children... 

I would like organise some good idea for poor people... not classic way, take money and share but talk about good idea...for real help... work or so what... I would like work with theater about this...more and more, but yes i need so like everyone tamed the monster in my body and earn money for myself... I ask help, but everybody work work work... How is the way for grab some minute and work together... why we run so fast always.

Many time i can read, you like Vietnam and you like Saigon.. And many time you say me thank you for loving my country... But i can say that, i can say, thank you Vietnam. Today there is many to do in Art, today this country become strong and we can create more and more. I feel good with young energy around me. When you become old, this power is necessary... I am not strong anymore but i can feel good vibes around me in this great country. YES.
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